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Though Logic Supply is still focusing on the industrial market, the CL100 represents an evolution in design that has more consumer appeal. Its smaller size and smoother contours is similar to other consumer-oriented NUCs. As such, it wouldn't look out of place in someone's house or at work, especially as it operates completely silently, and the aluminum housing is a step up from the plastic enclosures utilized by the competitions. This is a contrast to Logic Supply's previous offerings which often looked obviously industrial.

The CL100's energy efficiency is frugal, similar to the ML100G-10, drawing between 7W and 15W under real world conditions. Despite the smaller form factor compared to the older model, the machine doesn't produce any more heat than the earlier model, though the CPU inside does get hotter. Switching from a Bay Trail to a Braswell Celeron is a lateral move in terms of CPU performance but the newer chip does offer a few tangible advantages. The Celeron N3150 chip has a better integrated GPU than the N2930, and more importantly, it's capable of outputting 4K resolution.

The base model with 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD is priced at US$343, making the CL100 the most affordable system in Logic Supply's current catalog. Though it does lack for horsepower under the hood, it's possibly the best value you'll currently find for a small, fanless, well-built NUC, equally suited to use at home, office, or a physically demanding environment. (Fanless does mean much better longevity in a dusty environment.)

Our thanks to Logic Supply for the CL100 sample.

The Logic Supply CL100 is recommended by SPCR

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