160G/8mb-cache Faceoff: Samsung vs. Seagate

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With all the basics established, let's take a look at the benchmark results.

I used WinBench99 as a test utility. I tried SiSoft Sandra but it proved inconsistent, and thus worthless; I didn't entirely trust my results from HDTach, either, so I nixed those as well:

The Samsung took virtually every test, short of access time. It's one thing if the Samsung won the transfer tests and then some of the application tests, but it basically won everything except access time, so whatever (AAM) setting the Seagate is locked onto, even if it's in performance and not quiet mode, it didn't help it win any speed contests. We know the Samsung is set to quiet mode, which costs a bit of performance, so no matter how you look at it, the Seagate is the clear loser in WinBench99.

This is the Samsung's transfer rate graph:

And this one is for the Seagate:

The bizarre shape of the SpinPoint's graph is consistent with the results other reviewers have gotten with SpinPoint drives. I am unsure as to why it looks like that, however.

Now that performance is out of the way, let's get moving on the part that really matters -- acoustics!

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