Zalman ZM400B PSU

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Like many other makes, Zalman has moved to a flat black paint finish. With its chrome-colored recessed wire grills, the finish gives the unit a serious business-like appearance.

There are intake on the side opposite the fan. The vents are nicely open and generous, covering about 75% of the panel. There are no other vent holes, which ensures that the air flows in and across the entire length of the heatsinks, shown below.

If you get a strong sense of deja vu while looking at these photos, don't be surprised. This Zalman is sourced from Fortron-Source, who have been using the same massive aluminum heatsinks in their 400W models for some time now. Other 400W models that use the same heatsinks include the following PSUs previously reviewed here: SilenX 400 and Nexus NX4000.

Here is a detailed image of the fan. It's a NMB, # 3110GL-B4W-B30, a 0.22A 12VDC variant. The NMB on-line catalog cites a lower 0.17A for the same model, which is rated for 32 CFM at 2800 RPM and 28 dBA. This SPL rating is in free air without impedances; it is sure to be much higher in the PSU.

The output cables consist of:

  • 21" cable for main 20-pin ATX connector
  • 21" cable for dual 12V connector cable
  • 21" cable w/dual SATA connectors
  • 21" cable w/AUX connector cable
  • 2 - 32" cable w/two 4-pin connectors and one floppy drive connector
  • 1 - 31" cable w/three 4-pin connectors

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