Review: ActiveCool AC4G Thermoelectric cooler

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The heatsink itself is a fairly standard-issue extruded aluminum fin affair, topped by a 15x70mm fan. According to Active-Cool the fan is rated at 36CFM. The fins are thick, short, and densely packed. The mounting mechanism is a standard captive 6-lug clip.

The peltier element can been seen above. Between the peltier and the CPU is the coldplate, which would otherwise be called the HS base. Its function is to spread the heat from the CPU over a larger area of the Peltier element. It consists of a fairly beefy aluminum plate, with a copper slug immediately over the CPU. Bored into the coldplate is a temperature probe, which feeds its signal into the power/control unit.

The fit and finish of the heatsink unit is unremarkable. Nothing horrible, but nothing great either. About on par with a typical stock HSF. The underside could use with some more finishing to improve its matting surface.

The heatsink has a bundle of wires coming from it that connect to the power/control unit, and a separate RPM wire to connect to your motherboard's CPU fan header. This RPM connector doesn't actually provide any useful information to the motherboard; it simply transmits a constant 4600 RPM signal to prevent the motherboard from protesting when the fan RPM's are reduced.

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