Chill Innovation CP-350A PSU

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April 21, 2004 by Mike Chin

Chill Innovation CP-350A
350W ATX 12V power supply
Manufacturer / Sample Supplier
Chill Innovation
Market Price
~67 Euro$

The name Chill Innovation came up in in the SPCR forums, with some European members suggesting we take a close look at the power supply bearing this name. Not long thereafter, a promotional e-mail from Chill Innovation arrived in my mailbox. Naturally I responded with a request for a sample. That sample recently arrived.

First some background, the brand's profile, from their website:

Chill Innovation is designed, produced and marketing by the Danish company Morgen Gruppen A/S. Since 1996 we have been specialized in manufacturing and distributing unique products to reduce the noise level in computers and industrial products.

During the development and testing of the new CP-350A Power Supply we quickly discovered, that this new product design actually outperformed all the competing brands internally tested. So we decided to increase the effort and focus on this new product. - The word is now spreading!

Several System Integrators are showing great interest in this unique unit. An important factor in order to reach our high production quantities and thereby to be lowering the production costs. The Chill Innovation CP-350A Power Supply will be the first product in a series of several unique products to be launched.

We are currently working on setting up the sales channel for Europe. Distributors and dealers worldwide are welcome to contact us! We do also supply our product as OEM - please contact us!

It is made by an OEM manufacturer in China for distribution by Chill Innovation. At this point in time, distribution seems to remain limited to the EU. The product itself is a 350W 120mm fan ATX PSU. It comes in a retail box with an AC cord as shown below. That AC cord is not suitable for North America, which is where SPCR's PSU test lab is (as opposed to our lunar low gravity thermal analysis lab), but never mind; I am sure the right AC cord will be included when distribution is better established.

There is no documentation other a spec sheet with a modicum of technical details, also available from their web site has a PDF product sheet that has

Feature Highlights of the CHILL CP-350A


Virtual Silent Operation
This new innovative power supply offers unique
noise characteristics for the demanding user.
Even at maximum output this advanced unit will
remain virtually silent.

We'll find out, won't we?

Noise Ratings
Low frequency noise, 17-19 dBA (ISO 07779 at 100 cm distance)

Odd spec declaration, does not adhere to ISO 7779, which calls for Sound Power (Bel) measurements and at "Operator Position" SPL at ~.6 meter.

Voltage, Current & Power Protection
The advanced circuitry constantly monitor itself
and the PC components. If any fault is detected
related to power, the unit will automatically shut
down to prevent further damage to the system.

This is fairly standard, actually.

Free AC Input Voltage
This product can be used with any normal AC input source ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC .

More useful for simplified inventory control than for users.
Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
This circuit allows power distribution to operate
at its maximum efficiency. Heat production will be
reduced and so will the electrical bill in the end.
It's more environment-friendly. It also reduces the VA rating of the Uninterruptible Power Supply needed for the system.

Advanced Heat Dissipation
This advanced temperature controlled design
provides heat dissipation superior to conventional
power supplies. The effective 120mm horizontal
fan will greatly improve case airflow and even help
reducing the entire PC system temperature.

Again, we'll find out.

RPM Monitor
This feature will let you monitor the actual speed
of the built-in fan, if your motherboard support it.
The RPM will always give a clue on current system
load and heat being generated inside the PC.

But if it spins too slowly, many motherboard fan monitor circuits won't register it.

Surge Protection
Protects the power supply and the entire computer
against external voltage peaks and lightning.

Again, this is not that unusual.

Safety Approval EMC Standards - CE, FCC-B, T°V, UL, CCEE, CSA, EMC, VDE certification

Generally, the more safety approvals the better.

Output Specifications

AC Input
100VAC ~ 240VAC, 47Hz~63Hz
Total Power
DC Line

No details are given for efficiency, voltage regulation on the output lines, operating temperature, peak power, etc. The technical data provided is a bit thin.

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