Chill Innovation CP-350A PSU

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The finish is ° surprise! ° all black. The 120mm fan grill is nicely recessed.

The exhaust grill is a pattern of rectangular holes; it is about the most open "grill" I've come across, and it covers some 90% of the back panel. Mechanical rigidity may be slightly compromised. I accidentally bent the grill a bit while removing the cover. Note the absence of a 120/240 VAC switch, as that is handled automatically.

There are absolutely no other vent holes, which ensures that the air blown in by the fan can only go out the back grill.

The interior has a somewhat rougher look than I've seen in recent PSUs reviewed here.

Generally, heatsinks in 120mm fan PSUs tend to be smaller because of the space taken up by the fan. These heatsink are the smallest I've seen so far. Half of the radiating surface of one is cut away to accomodate the large coil. They could also easily extend another inch towards the grill.

The coils look as if they have been hand wound, rather than evenly machine-wound as you've seen in other recent PSU photos. One wonders if they could not have been made smaller so that there is more room for heatsinks.

The fan is a Rulian Science / Heng Yang model #RDL1225S, rated at 12V 0.18A. No website for this make was found. Judging for the low 0.18A current rating, it is a low airflow model.

The output cables are shorter than normal. The 15" ATX connector was too short to be plugged directly into the Load Tester and an extension cable was used to reach. The cables consist of:

  • 15" cable for main 20-pin ATX connector
  • 15" cable for dual 12V connector cable
  • 15" cable w/AUX connector cable
  • 20" cable w/two 4-pin connectors
  • 20" cable w/one 4-pin connectors and one floppy drive connector
  • 26" cable w/two 4-pin connectors and one floppy drive connector
  • 15" cable w/RPM fan monitoring connector

No SATA connectors or adapters are included.

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