Think-Tank Case by Coms-Com

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May 10, 2004 by Russ Kinder

Think-Tank Case
Market Price

If the name Coms-com doesn't ring any bells, don't feel bad. We had never heard of them either. But apparently they are a fairly well established case manufacturer, headquartered in Korea. They are also Antec's South Korean distributor, which should give the company some credibility in the minds of North American and European buyers. Currently Coms-com cases are unavailable in North America, but they should be in the near future. One of the first models to be available will be the Think-Tank.

The Think-Tank is a medium-sized midtower, 7.8"w x 18.5"d x 16"h. It has a fairly standard allotment of four 5.25" drive bays , one external 3.5", and three internal 3.5".

Stylistically, the Think-Tank defies its pricing. The mix of gloss and matte finishes is tasteful and understated, and the central LED information panel has a quality look to it. The case is painted out in a Sonata-esque matte black.

The various ports are located on the left corner of the front bezel. Any location for the ports other than the standard "front-and-center" is likely to trigger a reaction in some users. It's nice to remove the clutter from the front, and since most people tend to sit the case to their right, having the connectors on the left side of the case would be convenient for them. But if your case sits to your left, you'll have to reach around your case to plug/unplug.

Listing from the bottom up, the ports are a firewire, a pair of USB 2.0's, and an audio. Pretty standard stuff, but nice to see them included in a case at this price level. Above the audio plug is the feature that I can safely say makes this case unique and different from every other case you've ever seen. It's a recharging plug for your cell phone.

Yes, really. Most definitely a feature in search of a need, but interesting nonetheless. The case ships with an assortment of attachments for some of the big names in cell-phone business, and a plastic holster that clips to the side of the case. Whether useful or not, I can report that it works as advertized. There is even an LED on the front to indicate that your phone is being charged.

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