Coolcases-modded Chenbro PC-610 Case

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The front bezel is a fairly thick slab of matt black plastic, sturdier than many plastic bezels that I've seen, with plastic covers for the external drive bays. The bezel is well designed, with an easily depressed power switch, a slightly recessed reset switch, and two green Power and HDD Activity LEDs. The USB and audio ports are hidden behind a latching door on the lower right. There is also a covered socket designed to be used with an optional Firewire port, not included on our review sample.

Front USB 2.0 ports and audio I/O ports are hidden behind a swinging door.

Intake grills on front bezel. They don't look particularly open, but they provide a good balance of airflow and low noise.

The front bezel pops off very easily just by lifting two plastic camming tabs located behind the bezel on the left side.

With the bezel removed you can see the custom 120m fan grill punch, molding and filter. Also note the I/O panel and 4 pot rheobus.

Close up of's custom front grill punch.. Note the nicely finished molding, added air filter (case comes with no stock filter) and the added O-rings for fan mounting.

Rear of case showing wide-open fan grills with Coolcases custom O-ring fan mount. The left side door is fastened with a tool less, sliding latch and backed up with a key lock.

The back panel fan grill is very free flowing except for the corners, which seem a bit obtrusive for 120mm fans. It is pre-drilled to accept 80mm, 92mm or 120mm fans. It was premounted with a 120mm Globe low speed, thermally adjustable fan. It is fitted with vibration-damping rubber O-rings around the mounting screws. The same type of fans and mounting are also used on the front and side intakes. Also included is the usual generic ATX I/O shield and 7 AGP/PCI slots with covers. No power supply was included. The right side panel is not removable, which makes it harder to route/hide cabling, but probably makes the case stiffer and less resonant.

The left side panel is opened by sliding a locking latch down, then pushing the door about five-eights of an inch to the rear, and lifting it up off the bottom track. It is the same type of mechanism as found on the Chenbro Gaming Bomb. It probably takes longer to read this sentence than it does to actually remove the door. The door fits very nicely into its track, and even though it's not held in place by any screws, it fits tightly enough that I heard no rattling from it while the system was running, even with the side 120mm fan powered up.

The left side panel slides to the rear for removal. Note the Coolcases 120mm fan punch. Also included is a fan grill and filter along with a low speed Globe thermally adjustable fan.

The side cover fan position is directly over the AGP slot, for extra cooling of a hot video card, or perhaps to replace the stock, noisy videocard fan with the quieter 120mm intake fan blowing directly onto both sides of the card.

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