Ducted Zalman 7000CU w/Countercurrent Flow Cooling

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May 17, 2004 by Han Bijlard ("sypdercat") with Mike Chin

I decided to build a new PC for the fun of it because I like toying with PCs and doing things differently. My current AMD 2400+ was still functioning perfectly fine, but I didn’t want to wait until it couldn’t cope with the higher demands of new operating systems to yet to come. I wasn’t going to recycle any parts from previous machines, so anything would be possible.

The shopping list looked like this:

Ahanix "Black Knight" case (only in silver this time)
MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ CPU
2 x 512 MB Corsair PC4000 TwinX CMX512-4000PT (2.5-3-3-6) memory
ASUS V9520 Magic VGA (NVidia 5200) (passive heat sink)
AOpen 350 Watts PSU (AO350-12APFN 28A~3.3V/30A~5V/18A~12V) with 120 mm fan
1 Samsung 1614N hard drive (160 GB IDE)
2x Samsung 1614C (160 GB SATA) hard drives on VIA controller
1 Samsung CD-ROM SC-140A
1 Samsung floppy drive

I had several Panaflo, Noiseblocker and Papst fans lying around for this system, so no new fans had to be purchased.

Some modifications were made to the case: The hard drive cage, and fan grills were Dremeled out. Four double rubber strings were fastened from the upper drive cage to the bottom, and the hard drives were suspended between them using big rubber washers.

Front intake fan grill cut away.

Back exhaust grill also cut away, and the hard drives suspended.

Now it was time to build my duct for the Zalman CPU cooler.

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