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The right side can be considered the main case, as the bottom and top panels are both attached to it, and the motherboard is also attached to it. As mentioned earlier, there are ventilation holes on the bottom. These are essentially air intake holes. When the system is working with the case close, you can feel the warm air rising up from the top panel holes. Without the bottom panel holes, this convection cooling would not be as efficient.

This image shows the bottom ventilation holes, part of the motherboard, the sound card, and the VGA card. You can see the copper-colored heatpipes from the VGA card on the top right. On the left, copper-colored thumbscrews are visible. These secure the PCI and AGP card to a bar or post that runs vertically along the center near the back.

Here's a close-up of the motherboard with the blue-colored CPU cooler block in the center. Three pairs of heatpipes wick the heat from the CPU to the right side panel where the other ends of the heatpipes are attached with three clamps. The GPU block and heatpipes are visible again at the bottom.

A bigger perspective photo taken from near the bottom of the case. The top left arrow points to an additional heatblock and heatpipes which extend between the right panel and the top panel. See the back view photo below.

The two slanted heatpipes at the top appear to transfer some of the heat from the right side panel, which takes the heat from both the CPU and the CPU, to the top panel, probably for improved cooling.

The optical and floppy drives mount to brackets that hang off the top panel. Note the interesting use of the Zalman 3.5" heatpipe cooler for the floppy drive. This is certainly not because the FD needs cooling or quieting.

Another view of the front control panel near the bottom. It has two USB ports and a switch for an LED light that bathes the interior in a blue light. Not very bright but cool.

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