Coolmax Taurus CF-300 Fanless ATX PSU

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Unlike the typical ATX PSU, which is formed of two U-shaped pieces of sheet metal, the CF-300 is made of four pieces of extruded aluminum:

  • Two U-shaped pieces for the top and bottom
  • Two flat pieces for front and back

Screws on the front and back panels need to be removed to take the cover off.

Bottom cover removed.

This is the bottom of the PSU; it is upside down

The back panel screws have also been removed.

From the other side.

MOSFETs visible on flat side of large internal heatsink. This heatsink is bolted to both front and back panels for structural stability and conduction.

Smaller heatsink vertical, also connected to the back panel.

The sheer size of the internal heatsink made it difficult to poke around much. I did not attempt to move the big heatsink for fear of accidental damage.

The basic layout is not vastly different from a standard ATX PSU:

  • The PCB is set up so that the components hang upside down when the PSU is installed.
  • The large internal heatsink is perforated with many small holes for some of the rising air to get through to the other side, to the rest of the components.

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