A Reader's Report: Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case

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May 27, 2004 by Charles Gilliatt

Although a relative newcomer to the silent computing phenomenon, my friend Charles Gilliatt is about as computer savvy as they come. He's been tinkering inside PCs as far back as I can recall, and has spent many years as a system builder and computer tech. Charles provides an interesting perspective on the start of a quest for silence with one of most intriguing new cases to come along in a long while: The Lian-Li PC-V. Being a newbie in the silent PC world, his write-up does not have the intense, comprehensive focus on noise / thermal performance as case reviews by SPCR Staff, but it still provides insights -- and many detailed photos -- of this interesting case.

- Russ Kinder, SPCR Senior Writer

PC-V2000 Tower Case
Market Price

If you were to poll computing enthusiasts on who manufactures the best cases, chances are Lian-Li is a names you'd hear most often. They've raised the design and fabrication of aluminum cases to a near art. I recently came into posession of one of the newest additions to their case lineup: The PC-V2000. The PC-V line is significant for more than just its newness, it also represents a fairly radical rethinking of the case's internal configuration.

It arrived on the doorstep in a flashy full-color box. It seems more and more case manufacturers are seeing the value in pretty retail packaging.


The PC-V2000 is a mammoth of a tower case, 8.3"w x 24.3"h x 24.6d (210 x 617 x 625mm). It has a generous complement of seven 5.25" bays and 12(!) 3.5" internal bays.

The styling of the PC-V2000 makes use of Lian-Li's trademark aluminum body with one obvious difference, the perforated front and back of the case. The whole thing has a look of sophistication. It exudes class; nothing flashy, nothing gaudy, just a "quality" look to it. The case, constructed totally from aluminum is extremely ridged, strong and well built.

The case sits on what can best be described as a set of 4 miniature aluminum skateboard wheels, with a locking mechanism. This performs 2 very useful functions, making it easy to move the case around on the floor, as well as lifting the case off of the ground to allow for airflow in through the case's perforated bottom.

The various external connection ports are located at the bottom of the front bezel. The ports blend nicely beneath the preapplied Lian-Li badge and fade in with the overall look of the case. Left to right the ports are mic-in, audio-out, 2x USB 2.0 ports, and one firewire port. All the amenities you'd expect from something in this price range, right up front where you can get at them.

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