A Reader's Report: Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case

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Moving up the front are the indicator lights, the power button, and the preinstalled 3.5" floppy drive face. The lights are mere pinholes below the power button, but proved to be surprisingly bright, with a blue LED for power and red for the hard drive indicator.

At the top bay of the case is another preinstalled goodie, a stealth CD-ROM cover.

Moving around to the rear we get the first hint that something is beyond the norm with this case:

No the picture isn't mirrored funny. The power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case and the motherboard is mounted on the opposite side of the case. Essentially it flip-flops the usual arrangement.

Moving in closer for the photo below, the lower panel of the case is removable and houses two 80MM fan mounts and the cutout for the powersupply.

Higher up the rear of the case is the standard removable I/O panel, albeit flipped, and a 120MM fan mount. The case includes a detachable aluminum duct that deflects the fan's exhaust downward.

Detachable aluminum duct deflects the fan exhaust downward.

Close examination reveals that the 120mm fan is mounted on rubber washers. The fan grill uses the same hole pattern as the rest of the perforations on the case. While nice from a design aesthetic point of view, the resulting grill isn't as unrestricted as it could be. It probably blocks half the airflow. If you're brave enough to take the tin-snips to it, you could open up the airflow pretty easily.

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