A Reader's Report: Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case

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The top rear of the case reveals a rather unique case screw design. There is only a single thumbscrew securing the case side. The thumb screw is mounted on a spring mounted clip so once unscrewed it remains in place. Pulling back on the thumbscrew releases the side panel. Very well thought out, no more looking for thumbscrews that have bounced across the floor.

The side panes are constructed of solid 1/8" thick aluminum and are reinforced with U channels down the length of all 4 sides making them quite sturdy. Resonance seems like an unlikely concern with these panels, given their heft and stiffness. An extra touch of finger-friendly styling is added to the edges of the sides with a subtle scallop pattern.


Inside the case we can really see the radical design changes that Lian-Li incorporated.

The spacious interior leaves room for hard drives galore, water pumps and reservoirs, beer cooler, or a number of other uses. A quick finger test throughout the interior of the case reveals no burrs or sharp edges.

The airflow works thus:

The case has 3 compartments: Hard drives, PSU, and Motherboard.

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