A Reader's Report: Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case

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1) Hard Drive Compartment

As mentioned previously, the PC-V2000 has space for 12 HDDs. If you're running 12 hard drives, chances are that silence is not one of your major concerns, but needless to say, there is plenty of room down there to work with.

The compartment is fed air by a 120mm intake fan. The fan is an Adda AD1212LB-A71GL, rated at 72CFM and 34dBa. This fan is mounted to a frame with 4 plastic pushpins, each isolated from the frame by rubber washers. The frame is then mounted to the chassis by 2 captive thumbscrews, similar to that used to secure the side panel. Two rubber washers are employed here as well. When removed it reveals a built-in filter panel:

The hard drives are mounted on a series of plastic guard rails with special screws to slip them into place and lock. The system is quite secure, and the plastic rails soften the drive noise, at least somewhat. Much less than I think you would get with a full decoupling, but better than a stock hard mount. The amount of space available would make rigging a suspension system a very simple mod.

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