A Reader's Report: Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case

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2) Power Supply Compartment

The Power Supply area has a raised platform that the PSU rests on. The holes in it are useful, since a 120mm fanned PSU will have the fan aimed downwards. The perforated bottom seen in the HDD compartment continues in here, provided air supply for the power supply.

3) Motherboard Compartment:

Moving on to the motherboard area...

I developed a love-hate relationship with the motherboard mounting. Unlike most other Lian-Li cases, the motherboard tray here is not removable. Complicating installation further is that the holes for the aluminum motherboard standoffs are not labeled according to their form-factor. With support for everything from M-ATX to E-ATX, that's a lot of holes, and a lot of holding the motherboard inside the case to see which holes need standoffs. The 120mm exhaust fan is identical to the intake fan described in the HDD compartment, with the exception of having a 3-pin, instead of a 4-pin connector.

But once in, the standoffs proved to be very secure.

Between each of the three compartments there is an oval pass-through for the wiring and cables. Each is trimmed with a plastic protective guard. The holes are plenty large, and wiring even a large number of drives shouldn't be a worry. It does make "cable-gami" more of a challenge, however:

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