A Reader's Report: Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case

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The PC-V2000 is the first step in my process of quieting my machine, so the hardware used for the testing is probably not among the SPCR ideals. But a head-to-head comparison with my original should be useful for comparison:

The comparison case is an AMS Gmono CF-2029 case. It has been a fine case but is a touch on the small side.

The components:

  • Motherboard- Abit KX7-333R
  • CPU- AMD XP 2400 CPU
  • Heatsink- SLK-800 with 80mm L1A @12v
  • RAM- 2x 512MB PC2700 Corsair XMS
  • Hard Drives- Maxtor D740X-GL (fairly quiet), IBM Deskstar 7200RPM (fairly unquiet)
  • Video Card- VisionTek Geforce 4 TI4600 with stock fan
  • Powersupply- Enermax 430W EG465P-VE
  • Case fans- 2x 80MM Panaflo L1A fans @12V and 1x 120MM Thermaltake TT12025A @7V (not making the move to new computer)
  • Other bits - generic 10/100 NIC card, Soundblaster Audigy, generic 4 port USB 2.0 card, Acer 16x DVD, Sunbeam Rheobus

CPU and Board test temps were arrived by letting the idle at the desktop, and running CPUBurn for the load temps. HDD load temps were read after extended defragging sessions. The ambient temp was a toasty 27°C for the testing. (Hey, it is Phoenix after all)

Temperature Results:

AMS G-Mono
Lian-Li PC-V2000
Hard Drive
All temps in °C

The temp results speak for themselves. The 120mm fan exhausting from right behind the CPU is probably largely responsible the reduction in CPU temps. The case temperature is a bit deceiving, I think. The interior definitely feels cooler than before, yet the Board temp is the same. The readings may be more the result of where the sensor is on the motherboard than anything else. I was concerned that hot air would be trapped at the top of case, but the perforations along the top of the back panel seem to be doing their job: I can feel the warm air drifting up out of them.

The overall the noise level by ear has been cut in half, which is a significant drop,considering the noise levels of my components. The thickness of the case sides, combined with their reinforcement bars and latching mechanism, seems prevent the dreaded "aluminum hum" that other, thinner aluminum cases have.

Outstanding build quality
Extremely stylish design
Unmarked motherboard tray
Very roomy
Non-removable motherboard tray
Attention to detail with screws/latches

Future Silent Steps:

As I said, this case is Step 1 in the process. Immediate future upgrades include replacing the HDD's with a new Samsung, and a new PSU. The CPU and heatsink will wait until a 64 bit motherboard shows up on my doorstep.

* * *

Much thanks to Charles Gilliatt for this thorough review of the Lian-Li PC-V2000 Tower Case.

* * *

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