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According to my calculations, each CPU. (PIII Katmai) creates a maximum of around 30W of heat, in addition to around 30-40W from the PSU.

Due to the nature of the system, temperatures vary according to the surrounding environment. Given a room temp. of around 20-21°C, both CPU's remain slightly above 30°C at idle and slightly below 40°C at full load. The big radiator is doing its job wonderfully.

There is some erratic coil buzz coming from the PSU, but that was also present before I watercooled it, so I figured I just have to live with it. But later, I found out out that it occurs only when my Seagate Barracuda IV is connected to it, who knows why.. So I’m just running from an old 5400 hd I have here. Now there is no more PSU whine! [Editor's Note: PSU buzzing / whining when connected to Seagate HDDs is not uncommon and has been discussed in the SPCR Forums. No easy solutions.]

The hard drive seeks are still audible, somewhat muted, and that’s about all the noise. I don’t hear a thing except a few seek noises once in a while. Putting your ear against the PSU you can occasionally hear some clicking from it, but most of the time it’s dead silent.

All in all, I’ve been living with the system for about a month and a half now and I sometimes find myself thinking there’s noise coming from the computer... when in fact it’s the hiss from my speakers! When I turn the speakers off, I don't hear a thing when I’m surfing the web or doing word processing. This is in a soundproofed studio in a private residence in a very quiet neighborhood.

Oh, and I found out an easy way to discharge capacitors on a PSU – just disconnect it from the mains and press the power button on the computer: The fans will spin for a second or two, but once it has stopped, I think it means that the capacitors have been drained.

Some cold-cathode action..

System Specs

* MSI 6120 Dual Slot 1 Motherboard w. SCSI onboard
* 2 x PIII 500 Katmai (512kb cache)
* 320MB SDRAM100
* Seagate Barracuda IV 60GB
* Seagate 60GB 5400rpm
* ATI rage graphix
* SBLive


* Pump $20
* Rad $0 (from junkyard)
* Tubing ~$5
* Epoxy $6.50
* Distilled water $2
* Waterblocks $0 (used existing heatsinks)

Total $33.50

All in all, this project has been a unique experience for me, and I fully intend to go this route to cool all my other systems in the future. I hope you find this article helpful.

* * *

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