OCZ Power Stream 470

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June 29, 2004 by Mike Chin

OCZ Power Stream OCZ470ADJ
470W ATX12V / EPS12V power supply
Manufacturer / Sample Supplier
OCZ Technology
Market Price

OCZ Technology is primarily known as a performance memory supplier that has also produced some decent CPU heatsinks. Now, like so many other brands in the PC marketplace, they have diversified and added a line of power supplies to their range.

As befits a brand associated with high performance RAM, which is most often the realm of overclockers, the target market for the OCZ Power Stream power supplies appears to be performance and overclocking enthusiasts. However, the promise of low noise in their marketing message makes this line of interest to PC silencers as well.

From the OCZ Power Stream page on their web site: "The OCZ PowerStream™ power supply family offers the quietest, most versatile and adaptable PSU available today."

The product is most likely made for OCZ by an OEM manufacturer in China. One would expect the PSUs to be sold through the extensive distribution network OCZ already has (at least in the US and Canada).

The review sample came in a plain white box with an AC power cord, and a 24-pin / 20-pin adapter. No manual was included, but I am told the final retail versions will come with one. The folks at OCZ did send me an image file of the retail box, parts of which are shown below. Here's a first look.

The nickel-plated chrome finish is extremely reflective and difficult to photograph.

As you can see, there are three LED lights on the left, which correspond to three screw trimmers above them. They allow the user to tweak the 12V, 5V and 3.3V lines. The LEDs tell you when you are in the right zone. More on that later.

Feature Highlights of the OCZ Power Stream OCZ470ADJ


With its universal ConnectAll™ connector, the PowerStream power supply offers all-in-one connectivity. (ATX, BTX, Serial ATA, P4 and EPS12V)

Nice versatility.

PowerFlex™ feature for fine-tuning the three adjustable power rails. An LED sits below each of the three adjustment dials; a green light indicates voltage is within ±5% of optimal, a yellow light indicates undervoltage, and red indicates overvoltage.

Can be useful, but also a little dangerous depending on adjustment range.

The OCZ PowerStream PSU box has an eye-catching nickel-plated chrome finish and boasts green exhaust fan LED’s and colorfully wrapped wires.


*3 year unlimited warranty supported by OCZ Technology’s exclusive PowerSwap™ program; plus additional 2-year limited warranty.

5 years is pretty impressive.
Overvoltage/Short-Circuit protection

Safety Approval EMC Standards - CE, FCC-B, TÜV, UL, CSA certification

Generally, the more safety approvals the better.

And here are bits of the snazzy retail box:


From the retail box again.

OCZ-470ADJ 470W PSU Specs
AC Input
100-120VAC @10A or 200-240VAC @6A, 50/60 Hz
DC Line


(570W peak for 60 secs)


No details are given for efficiency, voltage regulation on the output lines, operating temperature, peak power, power factor correction, etc. The technical data provided is a bit thin. Still, the output power figures are impressive. It's an obviously modern PSU, with much of the output current capacity concentrated on the 12V rail, which is as it should be with the latest CPUs, motherboards and video cards.

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