OCZ Power Stream 470

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The OCZ Power Stream 470 is a solid high power PSU, capable of powering the most power hungry PC likely to be used for a desktop of workstation. Although not a serious challenge to the quietest PSUs in SPCR's review database, it is moderately quiet even to quite a high power level. The dual fan push-pull cooling setup seems efficient, although the acoustic quality of the fans is an invitation for serious silencers to swap for quieter fans. In fact, given the minimal fan voltage ramp-up exhibited by this sample, and the ubiquitous 2-pin connectors used for the fans, a swap to quiet medium-speed fans such as the Panaflo 80M could make for a very nice performance-seeking PC silence enthusiast. (Such mods can be danegrous and always void the warranty, which in this case is a very generous 5 years.)

The 80% AC/DC efficiency puts the OCZ in a select group of high efficiency PSUs. It is great to see such high efficiency, which provides multiple benefits and no drawbacks (aside from higher intial purchase price, perhaps). The absence of PFC in such a high power unit is a bit regretful, as the current draw from the AC line is very high. Active PFC, particularly, would make the unit considerably less costly to run in servers ¬ó for electricity consumption as well as VA requirements in UPS back-up units used with servers.

The level of attention to details is very good, and the versatility of the OCZ Power Stream 470 in conforming with all the latest and greatest standards to run with the latest hardware is attractive. Some may find the LED fan and chromed finish compelling as well.

The line voltage adjustment feature is a nice touch, but could have been better implemented. The adjustment range is unnecessarily broad, and the "correct" setting LED indicators a bit too coarse. Still, serious enthusiasts will welcome the feature.

Overall, the OCZ Power Stream OCZ470ADJ is a solid, reduced-noise high power PSU with many attractive features for power users.

Much thanks to OCZ Technology for this Power Stream 470 sample.

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