SilverStone SST-LC01 HTPC Case

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July 4, 2004 by Mike Chin

SilverStone SST-LC01
SilverStone Technology
Street Price

SilverStone Technology burst onto the high-end aluminum PC case scene in 2003 to take on the likes of Lian-Li and CoolerMaster, who have been leaders in that field for some years. In fact, the founders were involved in CoolerMaster before creating SilverStone. One of their stated missions was to deliver high quality aluminum cases at more affordable prices. SilverStone cases generally look as sexy as their competitors, and a quick search through pricing web sites suggests their prices are indeed modest.

The SST-LC01 is the first case from SilverStone designed specifically for Home Theater PC (HTPC) and looks something like a large stylish VCR or audio video amplifier. It's probably been available for nearly a year, which makes it almost old in the PC marketplace and it is not the sexiest aluminum HTPC case available. The D.Vine5 case I reviewed last year, for example, is more appealing to my eyes. And SilverStone's own range has expanded to include a number of very sleek and uniquely styled cases.

But beauty is as beauty does: The SST-LC01 has a range of strengths — missing in smaller sleeker cases — that makes it very interesting for use in a quiet PC:

1) Accommodates full ATX PSU. Many HTPC cases are made to take smaller and sometimes nonstandard PSUs which are rarely that quiet. The best and quietest PSUs are in the ATX form factor.

2) Room enough for a full-ATX motherboard with access to all the PCI slots. Many of the slimmer cases only allow access to perhaps two PCI slots and requires the use of a riser card.

3) 80mm exhaust fan. Many HTPC cases rely on smaller fans which cannot move as much air and must rotate at higher speed.

4) Good size air intake vents, one on either side. So many HTPC cases focus too much on looks and not enough on airflow and cooling efficiency, which are critical not only for silent computing but also high performance computing.

5) Room for up to four 3.5" internal drives, two 3.5" external drives and two 5.25" drives. This is more generous than most HTPC cases.

Available in black or silver. (All photos are color...)


Motherboard type

Full ATX


Black and Silver

Drive Bays

5.25" (2) Exposed
3.5" (2) Exposed
3.5" (4) Hidden


80mm Fan (exhaust)

Expansion Slots


Front Panel

Headphone output
Mic input


450mm (D) x 425 (W) x 159mm (H)
17.71" (D) x 16.73" (W) x 6.25" (H)

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