SilverStone SST-LC01 HTPC Case

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The sample case was delivered in a sturdy carton and packed well in Styrofoam ends. You've seen what the unit looks like from the right corner angle; here's a view of it from the other side. The power button is visible on the left curved corner, along with the power on and HDD activity LEDs. The power button operates with a very positive click, but the one on the test sample sometimes caught on an edge and stuck, which caused the system to power down a few seconds after it started booting.

Both left and right sides have perforated air intake grills that measure 3" x 4.5". As the holes represent no more than ~50% of that area, the total intake area is ~13.5 sq. inches; perhaps a bit smaller than the the intake area of a single 120mm fan.

The front panel actually consists of two full width doors that hinge down when pressed near the top. A strong clasping mechanism is used. The hinges are damped so that the doors glide open smoothly.

Both doors closed.

Behind the bottom door, there are two 3.5" external drives with USB ports, Firewire, and two headphone jacks in between.

Bottom door open.

Behind the top door is access to two 5.25" external drives.

Both top and bottom door open.

The back panel is clean and simple, with a single 80mm fan already mounted for air exhaust. Rotate the picture 90 degrees to the right and you'd have a mid-tower case. Note that a wire fan grill is used on the outside as well as the inside. All that's need for completely unobstructed fan ventilation is to remove both wire grills.

Note the nice feet on the bottom.

The fan on the back panel is an Everflow F128025SL rated at 12VDC and 0.09A. "SL" probably stands for Sleeve bearing and Low speed. The 0.09A rating certainly suggests a slow quiet fan. At 12V it is not as quiet as a good Panaflo 80L but not that much louder, and it ramps down in speed reasonably with slightly more bearing chatter than a good Panaflo 80L.

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