SilverStone SST-LC01 HTPC Case

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Setting up a system in the SST-LC01 was a relatively painless affair. The manual is clear and succinct for those who need it. The now venerable P4 HS test rig was simply dropped into place. This system has the advantage of having a clean Windows XP Pro installation, saving much time in doing yet another Windows OS install. It was a minimalist setup with a single HDD and a single DVD/CD-RW. Similar components have formed the basis of many a quiet systems I've assembled in a variety of cases.

  • Intel P4-2.8 (533 MHz bus) Northwood
  • Intel D845PEBT2 motherboard - 845PE Chipset; on-die thermal diode monitoring
  • Thermalright SLK900 HS w/Panaflo 80L fan
  • Generic nVidia GF4 MX440 (AGP)
  • 256 MB DDRAM - PC2700 generic
  • Seagate Barracuda IV 40GB 1-platter
  • NoVibes-III HDD suspension mount (quicker and more convenient than DIY)
  • Seasonic SS300FS-APFC PSU modded w/ Panaflo 80L
  • 2X Zalman Multi-Connector (ZM-MC1)

Admittedly, the fanless econo-VGA card will not be a natural choice for a HTPC. It's what was available at the time. I'd suggest that a better VGA card equipped with a quiet cooling system that exhausts the heat of the card is ideal.

The following sequence of assembly was followed:

  1. Remove the removable drive tray.
  2. Install DVD/CD-RW into non-removable drive bay.
  3. Screw down required motherboard mount stand-offs and then tighten.
  4. Install motherboard with heatsink premounted.
  5. Install PSU.
  6. Connect up all the cables except HDD.
  7. Install HDD in removable cage.
  8. Install cage.
  9. Connect up HDD to power.
  10. Test.
  11. Turn off and install cover.

Everything in place except the HDD and removable drive cage.

Low angle view from the other side.

HDD and HDD tray in place.

HDD in NoVibes III just before being slid into place for tight friction fit.

A NoVibes-III HDD suspension mount was used to slip the HDD into the top optical drive bay. It was a tight enough fit to be very secure without any screws.

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