Yeong Yang "Mars" YY-5603 mid-tower case

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July 7, 2004 by Mike Chin

"Mars" YY-5603 Mid-tower Case
Yeong Yang Technology
US$85 (w/o PSU)

Yeong Yang has been involved in PC case manufacturing for over a decade, focusing on both desktops and servers. As with most Taiwanese companies, their manufacturing is now done in China. YY's range of cases is vast, as a quick visit to their web site will show. Some of their server cases have been discussed in the SPCR forums in the past, notably the huge cube-like 02 and 04 series. The product under review here is a new mid-tower case named MarsYY-5603.

The Mars is described as a "Thermally-Advantaged Chassis that meets Intel's lower temperature guideline of 38°C." Specifically, it meets Intel's Chassis Design Guide version 1.1 [.pdf] This sounds impressive and technical, but you'll see later that it's mostly big talk for simple stuff. Before we get into the nitty gritty, here's a first look at the Mars.

Snazzy styling with interesting accents.

The all-red bezel is a bit much, but Chinese culture regards red as a lucky color.

As you can probably see from the above photos, the Mars is a mid-tower case with some unusual accents and features. At 8.3"W x 20.1"D x 17.3"H, it is very close to the dimensions of mid-tower SPCR Recommended Case.

The official specifications:

SPECIFICATIONS: Yeong Yang Mars YY-5603
Case dimension
211mm W x 510mm D x 440mm (8.3"W x 20.1"D x 17.3"H)
Micro ATX / ATX

10 drive bays :

4 - 5.25" exposed
1 - 3.5" exposed
5 - 3.5"(1") hidden

Optional cooling fans
2 * 12 cm fans for front-mounted and rear-mounted
Expansion slots
7 slots
Front panel
Power switch, Reset switch, Power LED, HDD LED, USB2.0, Audio, IEEE1394
Recyclable materials; Steel chassis; Flame retardant plastic parts and front bezel(HB)
Designed to meet FCC class B-47 CFR part15/IEC/CISPR 22:1993
Net Weight
7.5kgs without PSU, 8.9kgs with PSU
Black chassis cover; Silver or Red bezel with red, black or silver accents
Power Supply
PFC function available
Standard PS2/ATX Delta 250W/300W/350W
UL, CSA, TUV, CE approved, DoC compliance
2x12cm fans (front & rear mounted), Chassis Intrusion switch, Air Guide
Packing / Shipping
324pcs/20'container, 689pcs/40'container, 776pcs/40'HQ container
Don't you just love those container quantity details?! :-D

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