Antec NeoPower 480 PSU

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Another view: There are no holes in the PSU casing except for those that you see here.

There's a lot in the box.

The items in the photo above are obvious enough: A manual, the PSU itself, AC cable, a bag of cables, and two little bags of extra connectors. The last couple items deserve a bit more attention however.

These are clip-and-lock connectors (2 Molex & 2 SATA) that can be added to existing cable sets.

Close-up of foolproof terminals on PSU: They only go in one way.

Most cables above are terminated with the 6-pin PSU plug on one end.
The tape measure at the bottom of the photo is extended to three feet.
1) 2 x 32" cable w/ 3 standard 4-pin power connectors
2) 32" cable w/ 2 SATA connectors
3) 20" cable w/ 3 standard 4-pin power connectors
4) 18" cable w/ 2-conductor 4-pin power connectors marked fan only
5) 24" cable w/ 6-pin PCI Express graphic card connector
6) Took desperate leap to escape from photoshoot; last seen on the run w/ 11)
7) 6" splitter cable w/ 4-pin connector to 2 floppy drive connectors
8) 24-pin to 20-pin ATX adapter
9) AC cord
10) The spare SATA and 4-pin standard connectors already detailed

The 6-pin connector adopted for the PSU output terminal appears sturdy and locks reasonably tightly, but somewhat less tightly than the 2x12V Aux power connector to the motherboard. Only 4 of the 6 terminals are actually used.

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