Alpha S-PAL8952 P4 Heatsink

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July 19, 2004 by Ralf Hutter

Alpha S-PAL8952M82 Heatsink
Alpha Co Ltd
US$55.10 with fan, $41.80 w/o fan
(market price is generally lower)

The last significant development in the Alpha line of heatsinks was the PAL8942, which quickly became one of the top performing Pentium 4 heatsinks available at the time. The PAL8942 was an adaptation of Alpha's successful high performance Socket A heatsink, the PAL8045.

Fast forward two years: Alpha recently released the successor to the PAL8942, which they creatively call the S-PAL8952. The S-PAL8952 looks externally very similar to the earlier PAL8942; the base dimensions are almost identical.

So where are the differences?

Alpha's web site states:

"The S-PAL8952 shares many design features with the current PAL8942. They both mount through the four holes surrounding Socket 478. We increased the fin length by 10 mm and changed the fin pattern. The new fin pattern design is based on the air flow within the heat sink. The shape of the outside pins is square and inside pins are round. The intake cover is longer to prevent any air from taking a short cut past the hottest portion of the pins."

The original 8942 is rated up to a 3.2GHz P4 while Alpha claims that the new 8952 is...

"the ideal choice for the new Prescott, Northwood and Extreme Edition processors from Intel, which run much hotter than the previous Northwood chips."

Alpha didn't waste and money on fancy packaging or fancy naming schemes.

Heatsink Included Fan

Overall height (w/ included fan): 72.6mm
Total Weight (w/ & w/o fan): 624/524 grams
Heat Sink Material: 6063 Aluminum
Finish: Black anodized
Embedded Copper Base: 1100 or 1020
Size (W x L x H): 78.5x90x52mm

Dimension: 80mm x 15.4mm
Voltage: 12VDC
Current: 0.09A
Speed: 2000rpm
Max. Air Flow: .57mm/min
CFM: 20.13
Noise Level: 21dBA
Model number: 109P0812M701
ALPHA fan Model #: M82

Package contents. Aluminum shroud, heatsink, fan, instructions, mounting screws and standoff, fan mounting bolts and fan.

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