Shuttle XPC ST61G4 SFF barebones PC

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As usual, a colorful package to catch the retail shopper's attention.

Inside is a full complement of goodies, cables and accessories along with the main product. There are excellent instructions for assembly and operation, and even a soft cloth to keep the case clean.

Notice the mirrored portion of the front bezel? It's plastic, amazingly enough.

You will have noticed earlier that there is no slot for a floppy drive. There is no place for one in the case, as the 6-in-1 card reader takes up the only available internal spot. Note the row of side vent holes, which is repeated on the other side. These act as the intake vents for the system. There are a couple of small intake holes and a tiny row of pinholes on the bottom at the front, but these can't really be considered as air intake vents; they're just too small to be significant.

The front panel features the following, from top, left to right:

  • Optical drive bay
  • Dual memory card slots
  • Power switch, followed by power LED, reset switch and HDD activity LED
  • Line-in, mic, headphone, 2 USB2.0 and Firewire connections

The back panel is familiar to anyone who has looked at SFF systems from Shuttle before. The center exhaust grill for the 80mm Integrated Cooling Engine (ICE ¬ó or CPU heatpipe / heatsink) is rather restrictive, probably blocking more than half of the fan's airflow. This is much worse than the exhaust grill on the Zen. Two other items of note:

  • SPDIF connectors on top right
  • 40mm exhaust fan of PSU on left

Too bad they didn't use the Zen grill.

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