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The roominess and lack of cable clutter inside is pretty amazing given the small size of the box. Nice cable management, logical design and the ICE cooling system are the keys. Pictures tell the story nicely here.

Drive cage is a single structure held to the top frame with two screws.

With drive cage removed: Yes, that is a 40mm fan you see on the chipset HS.

Slim and thin 250W PSU.

Even though the PSU is internal, its size and shape takes up very little room, as you can see in the photo above. This is the SilentX PC40 (PC40N250EV) Power Supply, rated to deliver 250W, which is quite a lot for a SFF. It measures just 82mm(w) x 43mm(H) x 190mm(L). It has a 40mm fan on either end, one blowing in, one blowing out, in a push-pull configuration.

Top slot for optical drive, middle occupied by card reader, and the bottom for the HDD.

A plastic clip on the bottom of the drive cage is meant to hold IDE cables flush.


The ST61G4 uses the familiar Shuttle ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) heatpipe heatsink to cool the CPU and the rest of the case. The ICE cooling system consists of an aluminum heatsink with a swaged-in copper base, four heat pipes and an aluminum finned radiator with an 80mm fan in front of it. This fan acts as a case cooling exhaust fan and it also evacuates the heat from the CPU. The fan is speed controlled by the BIOS "Smart Fan" technology for quieter operation.

The 80mm KD1208PTSI Sunon for CPU cooling is rated at 1.9W, 40 CFM and 33 dBA at 12V.
The HS fins are visible against the interior of the back panel.

Four heatpipes connect copper-base heatsink and fins; similar if not identical to the one in the Zen.
It appears to be a powerful cooling system.

The ICE cooler is secured to the standard Intel heatsink retention bracket by a nice retention clip that is easy to install and remove but still holds the heatsink on firmly. Shuttle uses rubber washers to dampen vibrations between the ICE cooler's fan shroud and its mounting points on the rear of the ST61G4's chassis.

Open design of fins should allow good airflow... if not for the back case grill.

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