Spire CoolGate SP450B0 Heatsink/Fan

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The CoolGate base has a remarkable finish that's instantly noticeable: Very nearly flawless, with an incredible mirror-like smoothness that surpasses the quality of any other cooler samples on hand, including several Thermalrights, an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer, a Swiftech MCX-159 northbridge cooler, a Cooler Master Hyper 6 and a Zalman 7000AlCu. (Editor's Note: Anything beyond a "satin" finish is almost purely for cosmetics: Flatness is more important than polish. Russ says, "Even Swiftech says so, so it must be true!")

My friend and I agree; the Spire CoolGate's finish is second to none!

No need to lap this contact surface!


The CoolGate utilizes the stock retention bracket on Socket 478 mainboards. Once the clips are attached with the included screws and you've finished applying your thermal interface material, the rest of the installation job is tool-free. Simply center the heatsink over the bracket, being sure to aim the exhaust side of the fan towards the desired direction (most likely the rear case exhaust or the power supply above, depending on the orientation of the socket on your mainboard), drop it straight down (it will be quite snug, thanks to the blue centering clips) and hook the four push-clips down to the retention bracket. If only all heatsinks were so easy to install!

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