Zalman Reserator1 Fanless WC System

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ZM-WB2 Gold waterblock
64mm Diameter x 31mm Tall
Gold plated copper & anodized aluminum
Market Price
$49.95 at Sharkacorp (if purchased separately from the Reserator1 kit)

Image courtesy of Zalman

The color coordination continues to the waterblock. Zalman includes their ZM-WB2 Gold waterblock as the other primary component in the system.

More information from Zalman:

1. Pure copper base ensures excellent heat dissipation, and anodized aluminum top prevents corrosion.
2. Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 478), AMD Athlon/Duron/Athlon XP (Socket 462), Athlon 64 (Socket 754) compatible design for board compatibility.
3. Three types of compression fitting are offered for use with water tubes(8X10mm,8X11mm,10X13mm)*

Common Components

1) CPU block- 1 pc.
2) Hand screw - 2 pcs.
3) Thermal grease - 1 PC
4) Clip-1 PC
5) User's manual
6) Fittings-6 PCs (3 sets) *

Components for Intel Pentium 4 (Socket 478):

7) Two (2) Clip Supports for Socket 478

Components for AMD Athlon / Athlon XP (Socket 462):

8) One (1) A-Type(blue) Clip Support for AMD Socket 462
9) One (1) B-Type(white) Clip Support for AMD Socket 462
10) Four Bolts - For Fastening Clip Supports
11) One Set of Washers

Components for AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 754):

12) Two Nipples
13) One Backplate

When included in the Reserator system, the ZM-WB2 includes only 1 set of fittings. Probably a good thing, having only the fittings that fit the included tubing will certainly avoid confusion during assembly.


The ZM-WB2 employs classic old-school waterblock technology; no jets, no slots, no fancy impingements, just a good sized chunk of copper shaped to allow maximum surface area contact between the block and the water flowing through it, all encased in an aluminum shell with a single inlet and outlet. All in all, a design that should perform well in a low flow situation.

Image courtesy of Zalman

The base surface is mirror-like, probably the best CPU mating surface I've ever seen, in terms of finish at least. (Yes, it is even better than the famous Swiftechs) It should be; unlike typical heatsinks where the mating surface is polished bare metal, the ZM-WB2's base is gold plated. Any imperfections in the copper below would be hidden by the plating process. Zalman's reasoning for breaking out the precious metals goes beyond vanity. By plating the copper with gold they alleviate some of the corrosion risk inherent with having mixed metals in a water-cooling loop. The plated copper with the anodized aluminum should greatly reduce the corrosion potential.

Zalman goes so far as to specifically recommend against adding any corrosion inhibiting additives to the distilled water of the loop. This seems like a bit of wishful thinking. In reality there will be exposed copper and aluminum in the system, even if in tiny amounts, and the plating will do nothing to stop the inevitable growth of living things inside the system. A bottle of corrosion inhibitor/algaecide is cheap insurance.


As listed in the spec's, the ZM-WB2 has excellent CPU compatibility: Socket 478, 754 (and by thus 940 and 939 as well), and Socket A. The only catch for Socket A is the requirement of the 4 socket mounting holes. Motherboard compatibility should be nearly universal since the waterblock is actually smaller than a stock HSF.

For testing the ZM-WB2 was installed on a Socket A board. Installation was straightforward and simple. The retention mechanism uses a center pressure point from the spring clamp, which proved to be a double-edged sword: On one hand, its a foolproof way to ensure that the force is applied only to the center of the CPU die, a real consideration when installed on XP's. But the single center point, combined with the round shape of the ZM-WB2, allows the entire block to spin around that center axis. There is no chance of it coming loose, as it will only rotate 30√ā° or so until stopped by the fitting, but it did raise fears of a smeared TIM application.

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