Silverstone LaScala LC-04 HTPC Case

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August 15, 2004 by Ralf Hutter

Silverstone SST-LC04 PC Case
Silverstone Technology Co.
Sample Supplier
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Silverstone's line of cases is quickly evolving into one of the top names on the market for well built, stylish PC cases. Silverstone only appeared on the market a bit over a year ago, but you already see their name being mentioned alongside Coolermaster and Lian-Li. They have made a splash by producing a wide selection of well designed cases, from towers to desktop/HTPC cases.

Today we'll look at Silverstone's recently released La Scala series SST LC-04, with a sample provided by Sundial Micro. It is an all-aluminum chassis and bezel case that will fit a full size ATX motherboard yet has fairly small exterior dimensions. The LC-04 is smaller than earlier Silverstone HTPC-style cases, the LC-01 and the LC-03. It is about the same size as the LC-02, but thanks to some slick engineering, takes a full size DVD/CD-ROM drive as opposed to the low-profile drive required in the LC-02.

The LC-04 is about the same size as a typical VCR. With its fold-down front door and black color scheme, it should be right at home in a rack full of Home A/V gear. The LC-04 is fairly well ventilated for an HTPC-style case with decent vents on three sides and even a vent on the lid, above the CPU area. There is no case fan supplied with the LC-04 but there is the provision to mount one on the left side of the case. The only other provision for active airflow in the case is the 80mm fan in the PSU, which will act as an exhaust fan.

SST LC-04B. Picture courtesy of


Case Type: ATX Desktop
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy
Drive Bays: 5.25" x 1(external), 3.50" x 1 (internal)
Expansion Slots: 2
Front Ports: 2 x USB, 2 x Audio, 1 x IEEE1394
Power Supply: TFX 240W w/PFC
Motherboard Compatibility: Standard ATX, Micro ATX or Mini ITX
Dimensions: 16.5" x 5.0" x 12.25" (WxHxD)

The LC-04 came packed in a very sturdy, but unassuming brown box.

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