CoolerMaster Vortex Dream Heatsink/Fan

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Cooler Master ships the Vortex Dream with a pad of thermal interface material pre-applied. It was cleaned it off in preparation for Arctic Silver V. Doing this revealed a surface of excellent flatness and perfectly effective smoothness.

Vortex Dream contact surface, with the factory-applied thermal pad removed.

The cooler is designed for both P4 and K8 platforms, and include all necessary accessories for installation on either platform, as well as a couple nice add-ons for either front or back panel placement of the fan speed control dial, which is directly attached to the stock fan.

1. Vortex Dream cooler
2. 3.5" brushed aluminum drive bay faceplate for speed control knob
3. Expansion slot backplate for speed control knob
4. Fan speed control knob
5. Plastic, faux-chrome speed control knob garnish
6. Black, Philips-head screws for mounting 3.5" bay faceplate
7. Long, chrome, Philips-head screws for installing K8 mounting frame
8. K8 retention frame (for P4, cooler uses stock retention frame)
9. 1" square Cooler Master case sticker (not shown)


Vortex Dream utilizes the stock retention bracket on Socket 478 mainboards and includes a retention frame that must replace the stock one for K8 (Athlon 64). Once the thermal interface material is applied, the rest of the installation job is tool-free. Slip the sink into the retention clip, with the narrow side down first, hooking in the clips on that side. Once the narrow side is hooked in, just press down on the wider side until the clips on this side click in and you're ready to roll. Don't try to perform the installation in your tower system while it's standing up; the amount of pressure necessary to clip the sink in is more than enough to force the tower over onto its side.

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