SilverStone ST30NF Fanless ATX12V PSU

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The ST30NF external casing is composed of many well-fitted aluminum extrusion panels. Some are connected directly to internal heatsinks. The design is very much like a clam shell, one with too many parts for me to pull apart safely, as you will see below.

As you may have already noticed in the photo on the previous page, there are vent holes on the back panel.

The inside front panel (opposite the back panel) is much more generously vented.

The bottom panel is also vented.

There's no doubt that the vents on inside panels are meant to act as air intakes. The vents on the back panel are supposed to allow the hot air to escape, but they seem a bit too small for effective airflow with just passive convection alone.


Under the top cover is a clear plastic insulating sheet between the PCB and the cover.

The inside intake vent panel came off without too much trouble.

The PSU is packed very tightly indeed! (PSU is sitting on top of the top panel).

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