SilverStone ST30NF Fanless ATX12V PSU

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On the other side, there are soft rubbery thermal pads with TIM on both sides
for efficient conduction of heat between the heatsinks and the other casing.

A view of one side...

...and the other side. Note the copper heatpipe.

A closer view of that heatpipe.

An animated image from SilverStone shows what the heatpipe cooling system does.

This side label indicates a different model number.

The label above indicates a different model number. A Google search on EFN-300 led me to the Etasis web site, which details a fanless PSU with this model number. It looks very similar to the SilverStone ST30NF, and the specs are virtually identical. I am quite certain that Etasis is the maker of the ST30NF.

The tape measure is extended to three feet.
20" sheathed cable with ATX connector
29" cable w/ 2 standard 4-pin power connectors
2 x 34" cable w/ 2 standard 4-pin power connectors & 1 floppy drive connector
Sheathed 20" cable split at end into AUX connector and 2x12V connector
2 x 20" cable w/ SATA connector

(Update Jan. 11, 2007: Silverstone has made some changes to the cable sets to keep the ST30NF up-to-date. It now sports a 24-pin ATX header, two extra SATA connections, and a PCIe plug. Details in postscript #2.)

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