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October 3, 2004 by Mike Chin

The first reviews for SPCR emerged from a rat's nest of equipment, computers, components, wires and other assorted geeky things that my home office had become during many months of experimentation prior to the launch of the site. Two and a half years have gone by since those early days, and now the lab has taken over the downstairs kitchen and half of the adjoining TV/den. A lot of equipment, instrumentation and plain old stuff has been acquired, some by happenstance, others as a result of careful planning.

The most recent additions to the lab are related to the sound equipment carefully acquired for the purpose of making recordings of computers and components. It's probably of interest to regular visitors of SPCR.

View of lab from rear corner: There are usually several complete systems on the go, a few open bench ones on the left running Folding @ Home for SPCR or heatsink tests; the desk on the right is usually reserved for the audio equipment, complete PCs under review or general assembly. Two 19" CRT monitors display output from any PC through multi-KVM switches. All the PCs are networked. There are two independent access lines to the Internet; one through cable and one through ADSL. This ensures constant connectivity.

View from the entrance, showing more... stuff. That's a very good camera stand with uni-pivot head in the center, one of the most valuable pieces of gear I own. The lab has been changed since the above photo was taken, as you will see below.

As the lab is set up today: Note the PSU test rig in the background, and the deliberately displayed sound recording gear in the center of the room.

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