CoolerMaster Hyper 48 HSF: 478, K8, 775

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The Hyper 48 is still a boat anchor much like its brethren, tipping the scales at a whopping 864 grams, but certainly not in the same league as the 1.1 kg Hyper 6, which actually broke some reviewers' motherboards during testing. The Hyper 48 is still nearly double the maximum 450 gram recommended HSF weight by Intel and AMD, so care is needed during installation. Do avoid transporting a motherboard or PC with the Hyper 48 mounted.

The Hyper 48 package includes all the adapters for various sockets, mounting hardware, thermal goop, and the HSF itself.

As you might gather from the photo above, the Hyper 48 requires different combinations of mounting hardware for each socket type. A quick description on how to mount the Hyper 48 on each of the three socket types:

Socket 754, 939, 940: Base plate and replacement retention frame are required. The replacement retention frame allows standard P4 (socket 478) mounting clips to be used on an A64 board. The base plate is made of steel with a hard plastic insulated sheeting on either side. It seems stronger than the standard backplate on most A64 boards.

Socket 478: A pair of fairly standard steel clips are used against the ledge on either side of the HS. The clip hooks on the outside of the retention frame holes, which makes them quite easy to engage. The fixed hook on one end goes on first, then the lever on the other end allows you to hooked it over the other one. Do one side and then the other; it takes all of a minute, maybe. This can be done without the HS removed. Plenty of pressure, but not TOO much, judging by feel.

The instructions call for the standard socket 478 retention frame and back plate to be replaced. I would heed this advice if your motherboard does not have a backplate, but many do come equipped with one these days. Most of them are plastic, however, and cannot be quite as strong as the metal backplate provided by CoolerMaster, so given the high mass of the Hyper 48, perhaps it is best to follow their instructions to the letter.

Socket 775: For Intel's newest CPU form factor, the symmetrical 4-prong plates are needed. The silver-colored piece screws on the bottom of the HS (you can see the screws holes in the photo below) to become the top mounting plate of the HS. The black support plate goes underneath the motherboard. Four special screws are used to bolt the HS and backplate together with the CPU and motherboard sandwiched between them. The screws thankfully go in from the top, unlike the Ultra Vortex where the screws go in from the underside of the board.

The manufacturing quality of the Hyper 48 is very good, including a nice finish on the base.

The finish is quite good, smooth and flat.

A Perfect Pin / Fin Rate is one of the key features claimed CoolerMaster. It's not clear what is meant by this ¬ó perhaps the general idea has something to do with the number of fins on the fan verses the number of pins/fins on the heatsink? Or is it ordinary marketing hype?

The overall design isn't anything revolutionary. As already mentioned before, it borrows heavily from designs like the Thermalright SP94, which is already at least a year old -- almost ancient by HS standards. Still solid copper, heatpipe endowed cooling solutions usually cool quite well. Aside from the high mass, the Hyper 48 is fairly well executed, and installation, at least on a P4-478 board, is reasonably straightforward.

The fan is a Delta NFB0912L rated at 0.17A current. It is a brand we usually associated with high power, noisy fans. However, the specs on this one are atypical: 1400 RPM at 12V with a claimed noise level of 18.5 dBA -- no measuring distance mentioned. The photo above shows the fan flipped over to show the exhaust side. Check the last photo on the first page to see the intake side of the fan, whose frame is minimized. This is to reduce turbulence noise cause by the high speed of the fins' outer edges.

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