Review: Coolmax Xtreme Files F1-B Drive

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The Coolmax Xtreme Files F1-B has an unusual look to go along with its not-so-subtle reference to television's X-files. The physical design also makes some allusion to X.

Xtreme Files: Viewed from directly above.

As you will see in the other photos below, the top plastic cover of the device makes it considerably larger than it has to be, but it certainly does look more interesting than the usual rectangular box.

Back panel with power input, power switch and USB2.0 jack.

Beneath the curvy skin, it is a 3.5" hard drive in a metal box.
Note the absence of any rubber pads or feet: This could be the single biggest flaw.

Moving on to the functionality, Coolmax lists the following:


  • Simple operation, no hassle with complicated software operation.
  • Data and system Back-up function with single push button back-up function for PCÂ’s system and data. Setup done with software, single push button for the actual back-up operation.
  • Data and system restoration done with the single push a button.
  • Selectable restoration according to system or data.
  • Selectable restoration by back-up date.
  • Capability of backing up all the files, systems and partitions up to 4 HDDs on a single PC.
  • The product can also be used as a normal external HDD for other storage purpose.
  • External USB2.0 HDD solution at 480 Mbps/sec, 40 times faster than the USB1.1 HDD.
  • Cooling specification to keep HDD operating less than 45 degree Celsius to protect HDD and data integrity.
  • On-line upgradable firmware for the latest updates.

My sample was an 80G capacity version formatted for PC. 160GB and 250GB capacity versions are also available. The Formatted for PC tag on the box makes one think a Mac-format version would be available, but the specs cite support only for Windows 2000 and XP.

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