Chaintech AA6800GT + Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5

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Over-the-top packaging: Almost half empty.

The 6800GT came with a variety of accessories, including:

* Manual
* S-Video Cable
* Composite Cable
* S-Video to Composite Cable
* DVI to VGA Adapter
* Y-Splitter Power Cable
* Q Ball (Monitor Cleaner)
* Software including a full version of "Commandos3: Destination Berlin"

Some accessories are useful, like the DVI to VGA adapter and various cables. Others were simply confusing, like the "Q Ball" monitor cleaner. Mike and I couldn't even figure out what it was supposed to be. I thought it might be some sort of stress ball. We knew it had to be important because it took up half of the box and was being presented to us by a beautiful mermaid who appeared to be suffering from ocular albinism.

All the fixin's: That green poofy thing is for cleaning your monitor. Go figure.

The card itself is quite long which could interfere somewhat with the airflow of certain cases.

The l-o-o-o-o-ng Chaintech AA6800GT APOGEE.

The stock cooler is reasonably effective, although unnecessarily convoluted. The cooler is made up of three main parts and held together with about a dozen screws. A square, finned copper heatsink sits on the GPU. A plastic shroud fits over this main heatsink. It has a intake fan on one end and an exhaust outlet on the other. The memory cooler is an L-shaped piece of aluminum which has rods one end and fins on the other. The two ends appear to be connected with a heatpipe -- which is kind of useless because the heat isn't moved to anywhere where it is more easily dissipated.

The stock cooler's exhaust.

As with most other stock coolers, the cooler sends the hot air back into the case. By sending the heated air directly out of the case, the NV Silencer 5 should improve case temps significantly.


The installation of all the Silencers is quite similar. Please refer to our ATI Silencer 2 Review for installation instructions. The only significant difference is that instead of a large aluminum passive memory cooler, the NV Silencer 5 utilizes a small, square backplate.

The bare card and the NV Silencer 5.

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