Coolermaster Centurion 5 mid-tower case

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The foam itself is thin, perhaps 3mm. Given its thinness and visual openness, I wouldn't expect it to have a great impact on airflow. The downside is that the openness may also reduce its effectiveness as a filter media. Only time will tell.

Once the bezel is off, the plain-Jane steel chassis is revealed. Nothing terribly remarkable, neither good nor bad. Considering the openness of the bezel, the interior bay covers seem like the logical first thing to be relocated to the trash bin. The extra external 3.5" drive bay, which has no corresponding opening in the bezel, demonstrates the interchangeable modularity of chassis manufacturing and marketing. Snap a different bezel on the front, and you have a completely new case model, without the huge cost of retooling the chassis.

The 80mm intake fan is partially obstructed by the bezel I/O and button panels, but other than that, it has a fairly open grill pattern.

The two side panels are interchangeable, each with an identical pattern of ventilation holes, and a recessed slide grip. The fit-and-finish is decent, if unremarkable.

The most obvious feature of the rear of the case is the 120mm fan opening. While not the most open grill we've seen, its not terrible either.

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