Thermaltake CL-P0025 Silent Tower CPU heatsink/fan

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November 27, 2004 by Ralf Hutter with Mike Chin and Sean Boyd in the sound lab.

Thermaltake CL-P0025 Silent Tower Heatsink/Fan

Thermaltake is one of the most prolific aftermarket suppliers of PC accessories. The brand is well known for the "Xaser" line of aluminum cases as well as a wide variety of heatsinks and newer line of power supplies. The latest trend in high performance heatsinks, driven by the prodigious heat output of the latest processors, are very large designs using heatpipes. Never one to miss out on a trend, Thermaltake have recently released several colossal new heatsinks and a few of them could be of interest to Silent PC Review readers.

The Silent Tower is a large, actively cooled, heatsink that uses a copper base and heatpipes to transfer heat to 59 aluminum fins. It's covered by an aluminum shroud that acts as the mounting point for a 92mm fan molded from virginal white plastic. While it looks like weight would be a problem, it's actually not too bad at 640 grams, fan included.

It's actually lighter than it looks.

Plastic blister pack for shows the Silent Tower off in all its glory:
Good for in-store display purposes but hardly environmentally-friendly.

Package contents: Heatsink + fan, mounting hardware, manual and thermal compound.

Intel P4 Socket T
Intel P4 478 up to 3.2GHz
AMD A64 / A64 FX
AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+
Fan Dimension
Rated Voltage
Start Voltage
Rated Current
0.18 A
86x80x138mm (59 fins)
Power Input
2.16 W
Fan Speed
2500 ±10% RPM
Max. Air Flow
52.24 CFM (!!!)
Copper Base & Aluminum Fin
Max. Air Pressure
2.84 mmH2O
21 dBA (???)
Bearing Type
1 Ball 1 Sleeve
Copper Tube ( Ø6 mm) x 3pcs
Life Expectation
60,000 Hours
3 Pin
Total Weight
640 g (1.41lb)

A glaring discrepancy in the specs is the airflow value of 52 CFM and 21 dBA. A 92mm fan that blows 52 CFM could only be measure 21 dBA if the microphone of the sound level meter was placed at least 10 feet away. At the usual 1 meter SPL measurement distance, there is simply no way it could be so low as 21 dBA. Either the CFM must be lower or the noise must be higher.

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