AOpen XC Cube EX915: 775-socket SFF barebones

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The front bezel is a perforated sheet of aluminum with black plastic insets. When the power is on, a blue light comes on around the large black power button, below which is another blue LED for HDD activity. The optical drive hides behind the spring loaded hinged door which gets pushed open by the drive tray. The external 3.5" bay can be filled with either a floppy drive, or more likely these days, a multi-memory card reader. Get one that's black and you'll retain the cool look. The one-piece U-shaped cover appears to be anodized aluminum.

In the bottom front panel oval recess are an optical S/PDIF connector, audio in/out, two USB 2.0, and IEEE1394 6-pin and 4-pin ports. A very comprehensive front I/O panel, indeed.

Note how the vent on the left side is large than...

...the vent on the right side.

The vent on the left side acts as an intake for the entire system, including the video card, CPU and PSU. The right vent is mainly for the exhaust from the CPU fan. The remainder of the heat is intended to exhaust through the PSU.

The back panel is clean and tidy, like the front. There are connections for mouse, keyboard, monitor, parallel printer and COM1, a coax out RCA port, IEEE 1394 port, S/PDIF output, two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet LAN (RJ-45), and three audio jacks: line-in, speakers and mic. The power supply is the same custom size and shape as used on the EZ65: A thin 80mm exhaust fan, a 115/230VAC switch, on/off power, and the IEC AC jack. The grill doesn't look too restrictive. Covers for PCIe slots are on one side.

Four nice feet with soft rubber centers are located at the corners of the bottom. They are soft enough to help minimize vibration transfer from the XC Cube into whatever structure it is placed on. There are no vent openings in the bottom of the case.

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