Silverstone's Flagship: Temjin TJ06 PC case

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Dec 8, 2004 by Mike Chin with Jordan Menu in the lab - Note: Analysis revised Dec 12.

Temjin TJ06 case
NT01 CPU heatsink
SilverStone Technology
Street Price
TJ06: US$130~175
NT01: ~US$45

We have previously reviewed the SilverStone Technology LC01 and LC04 of the LaScala series, which are horizontal cases designed to mix and match with typical home audio / video components. SilverStone offers six tower cases as well: The Temjin series, from the TJ01 to the TJ06. The subject of this review is the TJ06, the most recent addition to the SilverStone Temjin tower case lineup.

The TJ06 is a large aluminum-steel hybrid mid-tower. It bucks the general trend toward smaller cases, being at least a couple inches taller and deeper than the usual mid-towers. The aluminum is on full display in the front bezel; the steel is everywhere else. From our point of view, this is the best combination: Brushed aluminum for that high-end look up front rather than the usual plastic or acrylic, and steel for its superior strength, density and acoustical properties for the main chassis.

Quoting SilverStone's marketingspeak:

"Only a handful of cases over the years can truly claim to be influential, and we believe the TJ06 belongs in this elite group. The commandingly styled aluminum front panel allows abundant airflow that with an aid of a massive wind tunnel, can achieve cooling performance and quietness at an unprecedented level."

The TJ06 has several unusual features that make it stand out in the sea of PC cases:

  • Machined aluminum bezel with steel chassis (already mentioned)
  • Bezel hinges open for effortless access to front panel
  • Motherboard mounted in inverted position so that the CPU is at the bottom of the case.
  • CPU and heatsink designed to be positioned in a large "wind tunnel" (their terminology) that runs front to back with a 120mm fan pulling cool air in at the front and a 120mm fan pushing hot air out the back.
  • Hard drives mounted in unique bay between PSU on the top of the case and the motherboard.
  • Unique sectional cooling compartments.

Some of these features are unique enough that the words above don't really do justice. You'll have to look at some photos.

It's a handsome silver facia with a serious gray finish on the rest.
But there's nothing here to suggest anything unusual under the skin.

This side also presents a smooth conventional facade.

Finally, the back panel reveals some of the truth:
The motherboard is mounted upside down, and there is an odd blank space between the top slot cover and the PSU.

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