Silverstone's Flagship: Temjin TJ06 PC case

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The first impression is one of high quality, great attention to details, and very sturdy construction. There is no question that this is a well built case. Before we move on any further, specifications for the TJ06 from SilverStone:



Aluminum front panel, 0.8mm SECC body

Black & Silver (it's gray, though, not black.)

Motherboard type

Extended ATX, ATX, Micro ATX

Drive Bays

5.25" (5) Exposed
3.5" (2) Exposed
3.5" (6) Hidden

Cooling System

Front intake: 80mm Fan, 2200 rpm, 21 dBA
Front intake: 120mm Fan, 2200 rpm, 21 dBA
Rear exhaust: 120mm Fan, 2200 rpm, 21 dBA

Expansion Slots


Front Panel

4 x USB 2.0
1 x IEEE1394 Firewire
Headphone output
Mic input


566 mm (H) x 205 mm (W) x 474 mm (D)
22.3" (H) x 8" (W) x 18.7" (D)

Going back to the front, consider the bottom portion. The front intake grill is almost half the width of the case and some 10" tall, a pretty generous area. Note the four USB ports, audio in/out and the Firewire port on the bottom left. You can't help but notice the key.

That brushed aluminum is hard to photograph!

This is what happens when you turn the key. The front bezel is hinged just like a door.

Let's repeat what was already noted: The bezel hinges open for effortless access to the front panel. It is a fantastic feature. As soon as you've used it, you wonder why all cases aren't made this way! (There are one or two other cases which feature a similar bezel, but this is the first one we've tested.)

Padlock hasp to secure the case; intrusion alarm switch is on the inside.

The key is a security feature, along with an intrusion alarm switch and the padlock hasp for the right panel. The other side panel is not lockable, but the components cannot be accessed from that side. A knob replacement or alternative for the key would have been nice for those who don't need to keep the case locked up.

The external drive covers are screwed in place, and there is a metal mesh dust filter behind the front grill, also screwed in. Two fan grills are on the inside panel, the higher one with a white 80mm fan behind it, and a 120mm fan at the bottom. The fan grills are very nice and open, and you would not cut them unless you were a crazed SPCR diehard seeking zero airflow restriction.

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