Silverstone's Flagship: Temjin TJ06 PC case

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Two small tabs unlock each side panel for removal. It's simple and very positive. Because the motherboard is mounted upside down, main access to the interior is via the right side.

The photo below shows the whole interior from the right side. The PSU goes on top, as usual, and just below it is a drive bay for up to six hard drives slid in sideways on rails. The added height of this case over the more standard 17~19" height of mid-towers can be attributed to this odd hard drive bay. Without it, the case could be 4" shorter. Below the drive bay is the motherboard compartment.

Access is via the "other" side. The small cardboard box contains all the usual hardware.

The clear plastic wind tunnel has a U-shaped cross-section and occupies the entire bottom portion of the case between the front and back 120mm fans. This is a sturdy piece made of somewhat soft plastic that is very unlikely to vibrate or resonate. The front fan draws air in, the back fan blows it out. The CPU heatsink is meant to be enclosed within this duct. The idea is not only to ensure excellent cooling for the CPU and the motherboard components around it, but also to isolate the heat from this area from getting into the rest of the case.

It may be hard to see in the photos, but the wind tunnel has raised lettering that reads "PATENT NO. 093106090". Whose patent this is or where the patent is issued is not clear.

Another angle, with back fan removed.

Outside air for the rest of the case is provided by the 80mm front intake fan, located just above the 120mm fan.

One obvious issue with the wind tunnel and the positioning of the 80mm fan is that the space usually used for hard drives is lost. Hence the odd HDD bay under the PSU.

Looking at the top section from the other side, you can see that there are vent holes both above and below the HDD bay. There are also two metal pods with rubber ends on which the PSU is meant to rest. The PSU actually mounts to a removable plate that in turn screws into the back panel opening. It allows for some flexibility, as the PSU can be mounted upside down if you wish. It also allows the PSU to be mounted by sliding it in from the outside, as is a tight squeeze to get it in place from the inside.

Note opening for rising airflow between the HDD bay and the front optical drive bays.

Looking up, you can see a rubber block on the underside of the top panel that supports the PSU.

Here's a photo from the left side, with the cover off. This is the underside of the motherboard "tray". It is perfect for hiding unused PSU cables by just taping them here. Note the access hole to the motherboard power connector area.... as shown below.

Note the bottom plastic feet, which swing out to make the base effectively wider for better stability.

A better view of the feet: Note center rubber inserts.

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