Nexus NX-4090 "Real Silent" PSU

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Like the NX3500, the inside panel has hardly any vents at all. This ensures that the air flows completely out the exhaust vent.

The interior is also little changed, at least to the casual naked eye. One of the heatsinks looks maybe a bit smaller than in the NX3500 sample we tested. The same quiet fan is used: Yate Loon Electronics D12SM-12, rated at 0.3A at 12V.

Ignore the red wire; it's our tap to monitor the voltage to the fan.

Again, not much change to see.


There are a total of 6 wire sets, including a SATA drive connector. None of the cables are sleeved or wrapped in any way. After the slew of PSUs hopped up with fancy web sleeving, UV connectors, detachable cables and what have you, the NX4090 is a refreshing step back to basics.

  • 32" long cable with two 4-pin IDE drive connectors and one floppy drive power connector
  • 24" long cable with two 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 24" long cable with two SATA drive connectors
  • 21" long cable for main 20-pin ATX connector
  • 21" long cable for dual 12V (P4) connector

Thankfully, they have done away with the useless 3.3V line / connector that everyone keeps including. It's like a useless dangling limb!

A Caution from Alex Chiu: His sample originally arrived with the 110/220VAC set to 220VAC. He did not notice and spent two hours trying to figure out what was wrong with the system before discovering the simple problem. Users should check to make sure the AC voltage selector is on the correct setting before powering up. This is even more important for those in 220VAC service areas; the wrong setting will mean a blown PSU.

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