OCZ ModStream OCZ-520 12U Power Supply

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December 24, 2004 by Devon Cooke with Mike Chin

OCZ Technology ModStream OCZ-520 12U
520W ATX/BTX power supply
OCZ Technology

Market Price


Devon Cooke is a new Vancouver-area editorial volunteer. A fourth-year philosophy major at the University of British Columbia and and a regular reader of the site for more than two years, Devon spends his spare time making short films and poking around in the SPCR forums under the handle Devonavar. This is his first review.

-- Mike Chin, Editor / Publisher, SPCR

The OCZ ModStream OCZ-520 12U PSU is marketed as a high-power, low-noise unit. With a handsome chrome finish and a 120mm blue LED fan, it is obviously aimed at those who appreciate style in their computers as well as well regulated power or, in the case of most SPCR fans, quiet power. One of the main selling points of this PSU is the OCZ EZMod advanced cable management system, a fancy name for detachable cables (with blue plugs!). Its cables are all shielded for superior power regulation. They also glow under UV light.

The OCZ ModStream line of power supplies is a new alternative to the OCZ PowerStream line, a sample of which was reviewed by SPCR in June. A lower powered 450W version is also available. Both models are listed on the same page of the OCZ website; the only relevant differences between them on the spec sheet for the ModStream line appears to be the different current available on the +5V and +12V lines.

A big retail box, full color and covered with marketing blurbs.

The contents of the box: power supply, EMI shielded power cable, installation guide, and an accessory box.

Inside the accessory box: assorted detachable cables covered in stiff clear plastic and a package of zap straps and Velcro straps.
Also, as in the previous photo, the EMI shielded power cable is shown.

Feature Highlights of the OCZ Technology ModStream OCZ-520 12U


OCZ PowerWhisper Technology with 120mm fan

Presumably their name for a temperature-regulated fan.

OCZ PowerShield PCI-Express lead

Support for the latest graphics cards.

OCZ EZMod advanced cable management system

Detachable cables + velcro straps = cable management system.

Supports ATX/BTX/PCI Express/SATA

All the latest technologies are supported.
Active PFC**
This is somewhat misleading. Active PFC is ONLY available on the international version. Our version was passive PFC.

3 Year warranty with OCZ’s exclusive PowerSwap replacement program

Not bad, but their PowerStream line has a 5 year warranty.
Over-Voltage / Short-Circuit protection I would hope so.

SPECIFICATIONS: OCZ Technology ModStream OCZ-520 12U

AC Input

95~132VAC/190~264VAC 10/6A 60/50Hz

DC Output







Maximum Output Current







Maximum Combined









Although advertised as having an active PFC, this feature is only available on the international version, model OCZ-520 12U EU. The unit we tested had a passive PFC, and had the usual red 115/230 VAC selector on the back.

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