OCZ ModStream OCZ-520 12U Power Supply

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The ModStream OCZ-520 12U is visually striking, especially when powered up. With a chrome finish, cables that glow under UV light and a Blue LED fan, this power supply should provoke the envy of even jaded LAN partiers. On a more serious note, this power supply is about 2cm longer than normal, making it a less than ideal choice if space inside your case is limited.

Part of OCZ's "Advanced Cable Management System". Note that only the 4-pin Molex connectors and the 6-pin PCI Express/SATA connectors are detachable; the 20/24-pin ATX power cable and the additional 4-pin 12V cables are hardwired and not detachable.

The underside of the unit. The wire fan grill should not restrict airflow much at all.

This is the most open PSU exhaust grill we've seen. There might be some question as to how well it can contain EMI. Still, the unit passed the requirements of seven different standards organizations. Note the 115/230V selector. This gives away the fact that our review sample is the North American version, without active PFC.

The fan is made of transparent plastic, which feels a bit brittle. This may not be the wisest choice acoustically.

On close examination, it turns out to be a Yate Loon. Their 120mm fans have been featured in the quietest PSUs we've reviewed.
This one is definitely not so good. The
BH designation stands for Ball bearing and High speed.

Capacitors nestled under extended heatsink fins.

The extra length and the dead space on the right suggests that this power supply may have been adapted from OCZ's dual-80mm fan design.

There are three fan headers, only one of which is used. The header (if not the whole PSU) was probably adapted from a three fan model.

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