Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Heatsink/Fan

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Jan 5, 2005 by Mike Chin with Sean Boyd and Jordan Menu


Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu heatsink/fan for socket 478 / 754 / 940 / 939 / LGA775


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The Zalman 7000 series radial heatsink / fans have been something of a reference standard for SPCR since they were introduced over a year and a half ago. Anyone who follows CPU heatsink development in the PC world knows that's an unusually long time for a heatsink to stay in production, never mind stay on top. In many ways, the 7000 series represents the most efficient realization of Zalman's original concept of combining multiple thin metal plates into a heatsink rather than the conventional approach of extruding, soldering or skivving the heatsink. All of the kinetic energy of a 92mm fan is employed for cooling by embedding it without a frame in a large radial heatsink.

The new 7700 series from Zalman is a natural extension of the 7000 concept to the higher thermal demands of the most recent processors ¬ó particularly the fastest Intel Prescott core P4s with their >100W output. An integrated 120mm diameter fan is employed instead of a 92mm fan.The dimension of the HS have naturally been increased to accommodate the larger fan. The photo below shows the difference.

7700 vs. 7000

We're examining the aluminum / copper hybrid version of the 7700, specifically because its mass is a relatively modest 600 grams. The all-copper 7700-Cu tilts the scale at 916 grams, which we think is too high and best avoided unless the extra cooling capacity is deemed absolutely necessary. A high mass heatsink stresses a motherboard during installation and in normal use (in a tower style case) much more than lighter ones, and it does not take that much flexing to damage a multi-layer motherboard. This is especially true for socket 478 with either the 7700-Cu or 7000-Cu, which use the stock plastic HS retention frame and put high stress on the four holes in that frame. It may not be as serious an issue for K8 or LGA-775, for which both the 7700 and 7000 series have more secure and direct hardware with through-the-board support.

As with the 7000 series, the 7700 is a cross-platform device with compatibility for all the newer CPU socket types: The Intel 478 and 775, and the AMD 754, 940 and 939. The older Socket A and 370 are ignored; this heatsink would be overkill for any CPU in that form factor, and its size makes it highly incompatible.

All the hardware for the major CPU types as well as the new Fan Mate 2.

The 7700-AlCu comes with a complete set of hardware, including a revised version of their fan speed controller that allows it to be mounted outside the PC case for convenient access.

In order to make the above possible...

...they made the now detachable lead very long, with both input and output on the same connector.
The wire is meant to be split (into input / output) as needed.

The control knob is bigger and easier to use, and there is a mounting screw eyelet on one end.

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