Antec SLK3000B mid-tower case

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Moving towards the rear of the case, the next new "feature" is the lack of a PSU. Why do we consider the absence of a PSU a "feature"? The PSUs included in the 3700 models, while quieter than average, are not quiet enough for the more noise-obsessed among us. By not including a PSU, Antec reduces the price and the shipping weight (22 lbs for the 3000B versus 30 lbs for the 3700BQE), and gives end-users greater freedom to choose any PSU based on their own needs, whims and budget.

A few inches below the PSU area lies another of the revisions that Antec applied to the 3000B, the adjustable speed 120mm TriCool fan. This is a fairly standard 120 x 25mm fan with a small three-position (low, medium and high) switch wired into the fan hub. Will this user-adjustble case fan be an improvement of the previous fans included in the SLK3700 series? Can we believe Antec's published specs for this new fan? We'll put it to the test in a bit and find out.

New TriCool three speed fan with pass-through Molex connector

"Action shot" of fan at low speed. Note 3-position selector switch for fan speed.

The rear view of the SLK3000B will look very familiar to SLK3700BQE owners. The 3000B uses the same low restriction fan grill as the BQE, and of course there is the empty PSU bay.

Rear of SLK3000B showing BQE-style fan grills

The right side of the 3000B has the exact same removable door as the earlier versions. This is convenient for getting to the drive bays, as well as providing easy access to the PSU wiring for cable management.

Additional CAG and system vent make up the new TAC side panel of the 3000B.

The left side door shows off Antec's implementation of Intel's "Thermally Advantaged Chassis". Introduced when Intel released the P4 3.06GHz CPU, the TAC provides additional cooling air to the processor by using a plastic duct, or "Chassis Air Guide" to allow additional cool room ambient air to reach the CPU. It is a completely passive solution, relying on the system fans to guide air to the processor and other components. The rectangular lower vent is also a part of the TAC spec. It is designed to provide additional cooling air to add-in cards such as a hot video card. The CAG follows Intel specifications closely. It's a manually adjustable, telescoping plastic duct. It enables the system builder to position the intake duct at the correct position in relation to the processor heatsink.

CAG duct retracted.

CAG duct extended.

The 3000B includes the standard accessory package provided with the earlier cases. Included are a complete set of snap-in drive mounting brackets; special shoulder bolts for the HDD mounting grommets; a large set of brass motherboard standoffs; mounting screws and insulating washers; and a set of replacement EMI covers for the 5.25" bay. No manual was provided with our sample but a parts diagram was included.

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