Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Ultra TC heatsink/fan

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The fan lead is sleeved: A nice cosmetic touch to make thing just a bit tidier in your system.

Like the other heatsinks in the Super Silent line, the base has machining marks that can be felt with a fingernail.
Lapping might shave a further degree off temperatures. A bronze mounting sleeve is included for scale.

As with other TC models from Arctic Cooling, the thermistor that controls the fan is simply wedged between the fins of the heatsink.


The mounting system for the Ultra TC uses Intel's stock retention module. This should not pose a problem, as the weight of the heatsink is within Intel's maximum specified weight.

The mounting system consists of two "claws" on each side of the heatsink that hook on to Intel's stock retention module. Once the claws are in place, they are put under tension by pressing the black lever...

...and locking it under the outermost fin of the heatsink.

Installation of the heatsink is straightforward. The mounting system is simple, easy to use, and secure. The tension of the heatsink against the CPU was firm but not excessive. A system could probably be shipped safely while the Ultra TC is mounted. This is not an insignificant point, as many aftermarket heatsinks are too heavy to be shipped reliably while installed.

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